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Flower of Sunlight

FLOWER OF SUNLIGHT has created the next amazing generation of Quantum Technology Products, utilizing our sun's waveform, which includes everything our sun is. We have found a wide range of profound and beneficial effects for most body types. Our products simply work to harmonize the body’s cellular communication, restoring vital energy and enhancing performance while helping to maintain proper energetic balance.

flower of sunlight Drunvalo Melchizedek  

We are aware that there is a vast spectrum of extraordinary human uses for these quantum infused products such as greater strength and extended endurance for fitness and sports-minded individuals. And a special use close to our hearts is meditation and emerging into higher consciousness - the task of the moment.  So many people have told us that while using these products during meditation, they found a “clarity and focus” they have seldom achieved before.  It is this quality we offer you now. Yoga!

Drunvalo Melchizedek

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Flower of Sunlight products help to:

  • Increase overall energy levels
  • Increase the efficiency of body energy output
  • Overcome fatigue and boost alertness
  • Improve & optimize inter-cellular communication
  • Speed up recovery processes in the body
  • Balance & harmonize the body's bio-electrical processes
  • Balance & harmonize the body's bio-magnetic field
  • Enhance Meditation

Quantum Infused Energy Oil

This truly is a one-of-a-kind quantum infused product. Made with the highest quality cold-pressed organic essential oils. This truly is a one-of-a-kind product. Packaged in a high-quality Swiss Miron Violet Glass bottle with a convenient roller tip and quartz crystal for mixing. Recommended for those who are engaged in any physical activity that limits the pendant's ability to directly touch the skin.

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Dark Slate Pendant

Our original Hematine pendant, with natural slate color. Infused with our standard amount of potency. No coating/plating. 

At Flower of Sunlight, the quality of our materials is the priority. When creating a product that operates on a resonating frequency, it is very important that we start with the best possible essentials and vibrations. Therefore, we take great care in ensuring that our materials come from verified, clear, and high-vibration sources.

  • Flower of Sunlight Pendants are made from the highest quality Hematine and are perfect carriers for our unique Permanent Quantum Infusion.
  • The pendant symbol is displayed on one side only.
  • Thin leather strap included.

Buying the product through our link, you automatically get 20% off on your order.


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